Your Next Prescription Could Be A Genome Sequence !

Your Next Prescription Could Be A Genome Sequence !

By Fouad Bendris

At Advances in Genome Biology and Technology, a conference for genomic scientists held earlier this year, one speaker told attendees that the use of genome sequencing to improve patient care is no longer a far-off goal—it’s happening today. While you won’t encounter genome sequencing on an average visit to the ER, there are certain clinical areas where this technology has indeed become routine: cancer, pediatric care, the diagnosis and treatment of ultra rare diseases, and a few others.

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
Back in the days of the Human Genome Project, talking about a future where every baby’s genome would be sequenced was the hallmark of a visionary, or a crackpot. (Or both.) With technology moving faster and faster in this field, that vision is becoming very close to reality …

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