Your Next Board Member Should Be a Geek !

Your Next Board Member Should Be a Geek !

By Fouad Bendris

Why companies need directors with technological expertise.

Imagine that you were a major investor in a leading company, and its board of directors had no members with independent, world-class financial expertise. Who would look after your interests? You could probably coach the directors to ask good questions, but they would lack the competence to judge the answers. The board would not be able to engage management in robust conversations about the complexities of capital structure, mergers and acquisitions, financial accounting, reporting, regulatory compliance, or risk management …

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
Board members know that their companies will either embrace technological change or be put out of business. The pervasiveness of the problem is troubling for anyone who cares about these companies — but it also represents an enormous opportunity. At the board level, there is a need for knowledgeable, incisive “geeks”: independent directors with experience and perspective in putting technology to use …

Source:: Strategy & Governance

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