Why an analytics culture change needs strong data stewards !

Why an analytics culture change needs strong data stewards !

By Fouad Bendris

Data Scientists have traditionally been the truth bearers in a sea of employees with the need for analysis however changing dynamics and universal access to analytics and data, data scientists need to evolve into the role of a data steward where their role now needs to ensure that the enterprise’ strategic decisions and actions are based on sound analysis that do not misinterpret, mis-analyse or misrepresent the truth.

As enterprises become more data savvy and arm their employees with analytics tools that democratize access to disparate data that has so far been locked away, they can expect wider adoption of data driven thinking and decision making across their employees. However, this change will create a new challenge for enterprises …

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
Why organizations need data stewards to chart their path towards being data driven and analytically savvy !

Source:: Strategy & Governance

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