Just Using Big Data Isn’t Enough Anymore

Just Using Big Data Isn’t Enough Anymore

By Fouad Bendris

Big Data has quickly become an established fact for Fortune 1000 firms — such is the conclusion of a Big Data executive survey that my firm has conducted for the past four years.

The survey gathers perspectives from a small but influential group of executives — chief information officers, chief data officers, and senior business and technology leaders of Fortune 1000 firms. Key industry segments are heavily represented — financial services, where data is plentiful and data investments are substantial, and life sciences, where data usage is rapidly emerging. Among the findings …

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
Prepare for cultural and business change. Though some large firms have invested in optimizing existing infrastructure to match the speed and cost benefits offered by Big Data, new tools and approaches are displacing whole data ecosystems !

Source:: Strategy & Governance

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