Finland: The world’s next datacentre powerhouse?

Finland: The world’s next datacentre powerhouse?

By Fouad Bendris

As the amount of data grows exponentially, so does the need for new digital infrastructure. Boston Consulting expects over 60 new large datacentres to be built in Europe by 2020 and Finland hopes it has enough aces up its sleeve to win a significant number of them.

The country is already off to a good start with Google, Yandex, and Microsoft building datacentres in Finland. Google itself recently commissioned the report Finland’s Giant Data Center Opportunity, which values these investments at an impressive €1.3bn (although some have yet to be realised).

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
Google, Yandex, and Microsoft have already all set up datacentres in Nokia’s homeland. With natural advantages in energy, climate, and tax, could Finland be the promised land for datacentres?

Source:: Strategy & Governance

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