A Data-Driven Approach to Group Creativity

A Data-Driven Approach to Group Creativity

By Fouad Bendris

Using personality assessments to build an innovative team.

Though many organizations already use assessment for hiring, leadership development, team-building, and executive coaching, it has not been extended much to hiring and building better innovation teams. Why does this even matter? It matters because innovation requires specific personality types, characteristics, and an environment that engenders psychological safety, to be unleashed. In select studies, innovation teams that leveraged personality types generated 95 times more profit and increased the speed as well as effectiveness of new business development by over 900% compared to their counterparts.

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
How can you ensure that your company has innovative teams? Based on our experience building innovation teams and consulting for Fortune 500 companies on setting up innovation processes, a key component that has proven to be paramount but consistently neglected is psychological assessment !

Source:: Strategy & Governance

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