3 Ways Tech Companies Are Offering Parental Leave

3 Ways Tech Companies Are Offering Parental Leave

By Fouad Bendris

Tech companies are competing for recruits and retention: same old, same old. What’s new is their strategy—something other than on-site massages, nap rooms, and haircuts. Google, Facebook, Netflix, and most recently, Amazon, are now bragging about their generous family leave policies. Who would’ve thunk it?

Companies have heard the message: today’s top talent cares about work-life balance. But the devil’s in the details. Which family leave model actually attracts and retains people?

Three basic models have emerged. !


Fouad Bendris’s insight:
Two of them don’t really work !
Let’s be real: do you really want your men to take leave? You should. If only women take leave, it’s inevitable that leave-takers will be stigmatized as less desirable employees …

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