Why some Data Lakes are built to last

Why some Data Lakes are built to last

By Fouad Bendris

Unfortunately, more than a few data lake projects are off track. Data is going in but it’s not coming out, at least not at the pace envisioned. What’s the chokepoint? It tends to be some combination of lack of manageability, data quality and security concerns, performance unpredictability, and shortage of skilled data engineers. What distinguishes data lakes that are “enterprise class”, i.e., the ones that are built to last and attract hundreds of users and uses? First let’s look at the features that are Table Stakes, i.e., what makes a data lake a data lake. Next we will describe the capabilities that make a first class data lake, one that is built to last.

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
#Hadoop-based Data Lakes can be game-changers, but too many are under performing. Here’s a checklist to make your data lake a wild success.

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