What to Do First When Managing Former Peers !

What to Do First When Managing Former Peers !

By Fouad Bendris

You just learned that you’ve been promoted and will now be managing a team of your former peers — exciting news! That is, until the moment you realize that your good fortune means disappointment for your coworkers who didn’t get the job. When you’re promoted over people who have always been friends (or rivals), the power relationship is inevitably altered.

Start by discussing the purpose of the team. Because you’ve already been a part of the team, you have all of the background. But this is the chance to evolve the mandate in accordance with changing times …

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
By meeting one-on-one with your team members and then engaging in a conversation about the team’s role and functioning, you will go a long way toward establishing your leadership !

Source:: Strategy & Governance

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