Turning Your Complex Career Path into a Coherent Story !

Turning Your Complex Career Path into a Coherent Story !

By Fouad Bendris

It’s hard when you’ve had a non-standard career trajectory and you want to re-enter the work force, move to a higher position, or enter a new field. Will a marketing firm see you as a good leadership candidate if you’ve always been a professional fundraiser and small business owner? Would a medical devices company view you as capable of learning their product line if you’ve worked in the automobile or hospitality industries? Will a corporate hiring manager take you seriously if you’ve spent the last 10 years mostly volunteering? In these cases, you may not be the slam-dunk candidate !

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
Once you’ve identified your own theme, the next step is to tell your story. Craft it and take any opportunity to share it with those who can help advance your career: hiring managers, funders, colleagues, publicists, or the acquaintance you meet at a networking event or a local barbecue …

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