Staying Human in the Robot Age

Staying Human in the Robot Age

By Fouad Bendris

Dehumanization – New workplace technology makes possible an unprecedented degree of control over working (and sometimes private) life – the New York Times’s account of tough working conditions in Amazon’s offices is a recent example. But U.S. costs of work-related stress put at 120,000 lives and $190 billion extra medical costs annually argue that Amazon is not the only hard taskmaster. Firms offering apps for performance measurement, instant feedback and time tracking firms are the VC-backed start-ups du jour. In a society “where money trumps human well-being and where any price, maybe even lives, is paid for status and success,” in Jeff Pfeffer’s words, technology all too easily institutionalizes dehumanization and makes it normal …

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
We don’t have to be pod people !

Source:: Strategy & Governance

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