Match Your Motivational Tactic to the Situation

Match Your Motivational Tactic to the Situation

By Fouad Bendris

Behavioral scientists have been researching the different ways people motivate themselves and others for decades. Their experiments have shown, for instance, that people work harder when they get feedback, set ambitious goals, and are given incentivizes.

But after recently conducting a review of more than 150 scientific articles on motivation, we found that each of these motivational tools can also unexpectedly backfire. For example, positive feedback can lead recipients to relax their effort, overly ambitious goals can cause employees to give up, and incentives can undermine intrinsic interest !

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
Goal Setting – To increase performance, it is often useful to set challenging and proximal deadlines (e.g., “finish reading a professional magazine in the next 30 minutes”). People—even animals—tend to work harder and faster when approaching a finish line.

Source:: Strategy & Governance

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