As 5G heads for IoT, 4G is far from done

As 5G heads for IoT, 4G is far from done

By Fouad Bendris

The iPhone 7 expected to debut on Sept. 7 may offer a glimpse into the future of smartphones, but it won’t have 5G. And even though the next generation of cellular is due to launch in 2020, high-end handsets may be LTE-only for years to come.

The advancement they’re counting on the most — and the hardest to achieve — is ultra-low latency, or very short delays between when a bit is sent and when a device receives it, IHS said. That’s important for things like robots, self-driving cars, and cellular-driven virtual reality. The goal is to reach 1 millisecond, quicker than LTE can achieve.

Fouad Bendris’s insight:
Most of the service providers surveyed – 79 percent – said the internet of things will be the top use case for 5G. More are coming around to this way of thinking, too. Last year, 55 percent called IoT the main application.

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